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For those of you who might have read or missed a previous concern I have posted stating that the "EMDT Doesn't Deliver" you might want to read it again.I have informed Justin of my intent to post a weekly concern that can be googled so I can inform the public that in my opinion the trading results of this software are manipulated daily, weekly, and monthly.

As you might have read in my previous post, I have been an owner of the software for over 3 years. When I purchased the software it was implied that my results should soon exceed the software results. In 3 years this has not happened and I want to weekly educate potential purchasers of the software why this will never happen. I have asked Justin to make changes to the software to help owners in trade selection but have been told that it would not happen.

Changes would make decisions on trade selection easier to read and more difficult for EMDT to manipulate. I will state this, or attempt to, in every concern which will be posted weekly. I have OWNED this software for three years and I feel that is enough time to be able to choose the logic trades that seem to keep the results page in the black. I have been unable to do so and the reasons are clear.

Dave and Justin can't claim that I am just *** and just can't seem to get it. For those of you interested to see how you will not be able to obtain results from this software I will devote some time to explaining it to you not only in words but in pictures.

My email address is need to talk to me before making any kind of decision.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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I have to agree with the author of this post.

I can assure that EMDT is not fraud or anything, but the fact is that their method just doesn't work anymore or as good as before(comments on this by emdt would be highly appreciated!!!).

the mechanical trades do not generate profits

sorting out the winners is almost impossible

(btw: any trading technique is profitable IF I can reduce the losers, I don't need to buy a system from someone)


We do not wish to get into a debate on this forum.However, we disagree with these claims.

We stand behind everything we do and our integrity. We can verify everything we do and we're happy to dispute any particular claim this person makes. We're surprised this individual is saying this as we have many, many emails from this person praising our program time and again, going back several years. We go out of our way to be transparent, offering full access to our course and we are willing to show anyone our software in live trading.

We never want anyone to buy without being fully confident.

We have hundreds of satisfied clients.Please contact us at or at and you can make up your own mind.

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