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I purchased the software and the recap 3 years ago from EMDT.I spoke with both Justin and Dave on the phone prior to completing the purchase.

I have had many interactions with Justin via team viewer as well as email. Any questions I had I received a response and the learning curve at the time was steep. The trades needed to be learned and learned well as there wasn't an intelligent assistant to populate the trade. It was very difficult to catch each trade and replicating any kind of stated results was pretty much impossible.

As the market began to be more choppy in the last three years the results being obtained by the software were losing quite often. A change was needed and to Dave and Justin's credit they continued to enhance the software. Now we have the potential trades populated. What has changed is that they have 2 trading systems.

One is every trade fired by the software and they track those results. Unless you are an owner of the software you will not be able to see these results. These are an accurate reflection of what does transpire as they are unequivocal unless the software has a glitch. These results are very poor and after commissions do not make money.

The other, (and this is the important part) is discretionary and strictly chosen after the trading day by using their entry logic. Sounds simple right? Well I am pretty far along in trading and have watched this software daily and I still can't get it right. About half the days one can determine the entry's that will be chosen by Dave and Justin but the other half if you were successful it would be luck.

Three criteria must be used to decide each entry that the software fires but I won't go into that on this concern. But basically if you have 2 out of 3 criteria going for you then take the trade. I am sure you might think that sounds easy. But when you watch Dave and the recap you will find you just never get it right.

You will NEVER replicate the system results. Dave and Justin like to state you should be able to exceed their results but that will never happen. If you have traded for any length of time you will know that missing just 2 winners in a month and taking 2 of the losers that they won't count as logic trades will make your personal results lose money. One day a trade can be called a winner and an acceptable trade (in other words fit the logic they teach) then two days later the same trade would fail and it will not fit the logic and not be counted a loser.

But it is the same trade and same circumstances. The discretion they have built into the system to ensure it makes money would not be tolerated anywhere by anyone. I can see WHY they do it. They are in the business to SELL software.

If that software loses money the WHO will buy it? This "built in" discretion allows them and even encourages them to ensure that losers sometimes do not get counted and winners that should not be counted are indeed counted. I am NOT angry and trying to destroy them. But after three years and seeing this manipulation over and over I did inform them the public needed to know.

Lastly, they take trades as winners that do not fill. I have been on the end of that many times. If they absolutely NEED a trade to win, and often they do, then when price hits the entry and you are sitting there waiting to get filled and do not and then watch the recap and they said that they did and you KNOW it didn't happen it is difficult to swallow. This system is not worth what they are asking for it and you will not achieve their posted results.

I have tried for 3 years. If you want to talk with me my email address is

You won't find me angry but you will find me with many examples.They NEED to eliminate the discretion so traders who invest in them can realize the results they post.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Summerfield, Florida, United States #1193190

I've had Justin and Dave's software for 4 months now and after much study and market replay I finally started trading it in my TopStep Trader account when my 50K account was eighteen hundred in the red. After 2 weeks I'm in the black by four hundred dollars. This review is unwarranted.


We do not wish to get into a debate on this forum.However, we disagree with these claims.

We stand behind everything we do and our integrity. We can verify everything we do and we're happy to dispute any particular claim this person makes. We're surprised this individual is saying this as we have many, many emails from this person praising our program time and again, going back several years. We go out of our way to be transparent, offering full access to our course and we are willing to show anyone our software in live trading.

We never want anyone to buy without being fully confident.

We have hundreds of satisfied clients.Please contact us at or at and you can make up your own mind.

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